Bleach: Shinigami Life

A text-based RPG. Take on the life of a Shinigami and show your true strengths. Or become a Vizard, and take power to destroy your enemies.
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 Crescent lilly

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Viento Hechizo

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PostSubject: Crescent lilly    Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:16 pm

Shikai Points: 300-100-30-20-40-40=70
Name: Crescent lilly
Dual: None
Range: Long
Stat boost:+50 spd
Release command: A forest is what i ask for Crescent Lilly
Shikai Special Ability (Rank): Plant generation: Whenever this blade is in the ground Viento is able to generate vines, from the tip of the blade through the ground. He uses them as whips and weapons laving his blade hidden from sight, not spiritual energy. He can manipulate the vines into whatever shape he wants. To make it OP free he cane only use the vines as a wall defense twice in battle, but not consessivley.

1st Technique: 40
Name: Lily Trap
Reiryoku: 500
Description: Creates lillies on the ground that when triggered traps the victim inside them.(Picture a water lilly on the ground, imagine someone walking by it. It exapnds and gets bigger and catches the victim inside, like a venus fly trap)

2nd Technique: 40
Name: Gentically enhanced skin
Reiryoku: 500
Description: When the nodachi is in shikai Viento uses a reiatsu transfer that makes the nodachi turn the users skin into green plant life which means when ever Viento loses a limb he can genetically grow it back do to this technique.

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Crescent lilly
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