Bleach: Shinigami Life

A text-based RPG. Take on the life of a Shinigami and show your true strengths. Or become a Vizard, and take power to destroy your enemies.
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 Character Sheet

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Mai Kuchiki

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:35 pm

Race:(soul, Human, quincy)

Background: (only needs to be brief)
Family: (if Applicable)

(spread 50 between these)

rr 1-3 for sealed state of there future Zanpakutō (no matter what species)
1-Katana(+50 Kan +50 yen)
2-Wakizashi (+20 Speed)
3-Nodachi (+500 Reiryoku)
rr 1-15 for element and type of Zanpakutō or hollow powers (no matter what species)
1- Melee-Type
2- Kidō-Type
3- Projectile-Type
4- Defense-Type
5- Poison-Type
6- Illusion-Type
7- Fire-Type
8- Ice-Type
9- Earth-Type
10- Wind-Type
11- Water-Type
12- Plant-Type
13- Light-Type
14- Electricity-Type
15- Unclassified Types
rr 1-50 if 3 or under user could have a Dual-Blade Type Zanpakutō
make a note of results in Zanpakutō area of C.S

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Character Sheet
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