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A text-based RPG. Take on the life of a Shinigami and show your true strengths. Or become a Vizard, and take power to destroy your enemies.
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 Remiji Daisuke

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Remiji Daisuke

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Basic Information

Name: Remiji Daisuke

Age: 17, actual age 326

Gender: Male

Division: 11th Division

Seat: Captain

Looks: Remiji Daisuke looks very young for his age, his flamboyant personality fits his style, as it goes for shinigami. He is 5'10" and skinny. At only 170 lbs he is fairly heavy for his speed, but his body is rocked and almost unblemished except for the few scars that run along his chest around his pec muscles and lower abdomen, though those scars are rarely seen since Daisuke's shirt is rarely torn unless he takes the shirt off willingly. His face is young and handsome and his eyes are an odd shade of light green, very uncommon to see in most people. His most stunning feature is his bright red hair, yet its the feature he grew up to hate the most. Daisuke likes to travel to the real world a lot, and he enjoys the clothes from the human world a lot, and many times you'll see him traveling around the seireitei in human clothes. He is frowned upon a lot by his peers since his clothes don't match combat regulations, but he finds that they're more comfortable than the black shihakusho that are standard for any shinigami. He usually finds time to switch into his shihakusho before going to the real world for any battle with a hollow though, so the authorities usually let him go with his clothes. Is missing his left arm.

Personality: Daisuke is a flamboyant character, he loves to have fun and is generally the guy you go to for a good time. He enjoys making others laugh and is generally the only one who isn't serious about most of his business. He doesn't love to fight as much as the other shinigami in the 11th division, but his goal is still set on becoming captain. Daisuke is known as somewhat of a playboy, he loves to flirt and is generally seen around a woman. His womanizing ways has seen him get into a lot of fights with boyfriends and generally Daisuke will avoid the fight for as long as possible by joking with a person. He is very helpful when it comes to problems as well, he has talked people out of hairy situations before and is almost a pyschologist when it comes to reading the human mind. He can generally come up with a solution to a problem, or use his ability to play mind games if he pleases, but he tends to try to keep his mind games out of play unless it comes battle, or sometimes even personal gain. When it comes to training, Daisuke is serious about his business, he will train for hours on end until complete exhaustion, running sprints, doing push-ups, and training his sword abilities. His kido isn't his strongest asset, but many people have been surprised when he uses any ability because they are honed far beyond what his personality would tell. Daisuke loves to play mind games with most enemies, and when in a fight, he will usually talk more than he will fight, and his calm but cocky composure while fighting usually gives him the advantage in a fight between a weak-minded opponent and himself.


Strength: 15

Speed: 40 => 50 (shikai) => 60 (bankai)

Accuracy: 20

Stamina: 15

Zanpaktou Information

Zanpaktou Name: Retsu Hayaku

Zanpaktou Looks: The blade of the Zanpaktou is blue, and unnatural color for a sword. Its unknown what metal is used in the blade, but the kanji on the blade are very obvious to see, they're black with a red outline. They read "Blood is merely a sacrifice for the honor of the holder of this sword, and only an honorable person may shed blood for justice." The hilt of the sword is black as well as the guard which is shaped out like a star with spikes protruding from each arm to close the hilt and protect Daisuke's hand. The hilt also has a function to catch the tip of some zanpaktou and pull the opponents sword from their hand.

Zanpaktou Description: In Retsu Hayaku's shikai form, the blade changes from metal to an icy substance as strong as diamond. Retsu Hayaku's blade is cold as ice as well, and one touch from the blade will freeze a small part of the limb of the opponent for a short period of time making the limb nearly useless and heavier, hindering the opponent enough for Daisuke to try and take advantage of his speed.

Released Zanpaktou Description: When Retsu Hayaku's blade is released into its bankai form it shrinks into a smaller form of a blood red diamond blade. The kanji from the sword's blade travels up the hilt onto the forearms of the user and takes place on the arms of the user giving Daisuke the ability to call his sword back if he ever happens to be seperated from his blade. His ability to freeze a limb increases slightly allowing him to freeze entire limbs and giving Daisuke slightly faster speed, enough to take advantage of a lot of opponents.

Zanpaktou Release Phrase: "Blood, Honor, and Justice, Release: Retsu Hayaku"

Released Zanpaktou Looks: Description is in the Released Zanpaktou Description

Zanpaktou Spirit: Aisutenma: A small and speedy ice demon with an honorable intention. He is fondly called Aisu for a nickname. He is generally a quiet spirit and is mainly a guiding spirit for Daisuke. He doesn't talk much unless there is a difficult situation for Daisuke, so very little is known about him right now.

Zanpaktou Realm: The Realm of Aisutenma is a very peaceful pond, the tree's around the shore gives the Realm an even more mysterious feeling. You can almost always hear birds chirping, and the animals around the area are a fascinating sight, they're flourescent blue like spirits and look very similar to Aisutenma. The area seems almost like the real world, yet at the same time its like a haven to any person searching for spiritual guidance.

History and RP Sample


Life Before Death: Daisuke was always a loner child, spending his days sitting at the lunch table alone watching the other kids converse and talk to eachother. His days were spent alone and he was bullied constantly by his peers. It was always hard being the shy person, he never wanted to be a part of everyone else because everyone else never wanted to be a part of him. It was this way throughout elementary school on to high school. He could never understand it, even then, why should he? He was a mere child.

It wasn't until his 5th year into elementary school before he even realized that he had a power hidden inside him. He could see things others couldn't. A man walking down the street with a chain through his chest, a somber look in his eyes. A child playing with his blanket, jumps into the river and takes a swim and doesn't come out until an hour later. Daisuke would sit there for hours and just stare at the people as they walked by and live their life by theirself. People from the real world would merely walk by and point or stare. The looks... Daisuke would never look up, he would never pay attention to the stares, but he could feel them, burning into his forehead. He would never understand until years later what these people actually were. Spirits, left behind in the afterlife, too scared to pass on, or leaving something behind that they could not finish. He would never understand the evil that these spirits could hold, or the sadness that their past could bring. He only knew that they too were just like him, alone, unseen.

Daisuke had his family there with him, but what good was his family? Even they didn't understand their child, of course his older sister tried to take care of her younger brother. She was only a year older than him, and they were all they had. She was popular with everyone, and she was everything Daisuke wished he could be. Her name was Remiji Ikune, the complete opposite of her brother. Whenever Daisuke would be around his sister he could always feel the stares of her friends, he could hear the whispers that were always too loud. "Why does she even try with her brother, its completely pointless." Daisuke knew he wasn't the only one that heard it, whenever he'd look up his sister would just put her hand on his shoulder and smile and immediately it would calm him down. He never understood how she had that power, and he never understood the pain it would cause him to lose her one day.

Daisuke realized that day when he had just turned 17, it was his sister's graduation day. The one day he could see her truely happy and free. The chains of school would no longer bind her until she would go to college. He had listened to her and followed her all throughout school and he learned what it was like to be like her. On that graduation day, the only recognition he would ever see in his life would be amongst her friends, he could finally join them in celebrating her success, even though he knew that once the day was over, he would be back to being the loner once again. He took advantage of that one day, the one day he was finally popular. Or at least the few hours...

Daisuke was walking home with his sister, a large smile on both their faces. It was late at night by that time, some time around 9:30 at night. He knew it would be dangerous for her to just walk the streets home alone at this time. She had planned to stay at a friends house that night, but she realized how much the day had helped her brother. She had to stay with him, let him feel like he was popular for one day. It happened fast and everything ended abruptly. All he could feel was the temperature change from the hot night to cold. Ice freezing cold. His body went numb and all he could see was a white face, a monster was the only way he felt he could describe it. It was tall, about 9ft tall, and it was on all fours. The mask it wore had red feathers coming out the back and there was a large hole in his chest. The only thing he recognized was that it was the same spot where his spirit friends had their chains, the chains that bound them to earth. This one had broken free, but at what cost? Daisuke looked over and noticed his sister Ikune, she was stopped, frozen in her tracks. She had no idea what was happening, she only knew that there was something wrong, everything was cold, and the atmosphere felt lifeless and dead. She could tell that they were in trouble, but she couldn't see why. All she knew was that her brother was in just as much danger as she was, and she wanted to protect him at all costs. The penalty would be her life. In mere seconds the hollow was on top of Daisuke's sister, his jaws around her body and blood that was on the floor. Daisuke knew he had to run, he tried, as fast as he could to get away. He cursed himself for letting his sister get hurt, for letting her die. But it was too late, what could he do as he felt a large, lifeless hand grab around his body. He fainted immediately, his body was already spent before he reached the jaws of the hollow. He didn't even know that his sister would later be trapped to earth, forever wandering the land trying to find and save her brother, cursing herself for letting him get harmed. Isn't it the curse that she was the one to die first, that if it had been the other way around, she may have passed on into the spirit world knowing that her brother was already gone and that she couldn't prevent it anyways. But the question will always remain to her... "What if?"

Becoming a Shinigami: Daisuke woke up in field near a shed. It was dark at night, the woods surrounding him were almost haunting him, and the animals surrounded him. None of them were recognizable, there were animals that looked like they were out of a fairy tale. The deer seemed more noble than their counterpart back in the living world. Daisuke couldn't understand how he ended there, his memory was blank, all he knew was that he was here. He knew his name and that he was now different then what he was before. He just didn't know how. How surprising would it be that he was now not the lonely kid, that the one day he was popular in real life would forever change his personality in the afterlife. He was happy, even through the confusion. Something about him felt new to himself, but he didn't know how.

Daisuke was further startled by a noise, he heard footsteps, they were fast and in unison. Almost as if they were in formation. He quickly sat up wondering if there was danger around him. He was unfamiliar with his surrounding, so hiding was almost out of the question, all he could do was sit and watch as a group of shinigami recruits running drills ran past him. Each of them were training together, trying to hone their skill so that they could one day protect the living world and earn their own honor. Daisuke watched in awe as they ran by, each of them were physically honed matching their abilities. There were some that were built, and very muscular, they looked like ox that were ready to attack in a second. Yet others were fast, their body was long and lanky, they looked graceful as they ran, yet Daisuke could tell that it was only a drill because they seemed so relaxed and their movements were so accute, their abilities honed and ready for use. They ran past without stopping, and Daisuke watched as they ran off into the distance until he couldn't see them any longer. He could hear more footsteps coming, this time slower than before. It was a farmer, the man seemed poor and ragged. He didn't seem to have much, but his face was kind as he approached Daisuke and held out a hand to pick him up.

"You're a new face here, I'm guessing this is your first time viewing the world around you. Its pretty peaceful here isn't it?"

Daisuke nodded, he was speechless, he didn't know where he was, but he knew it wasn't the first time he had seen a world like this. Everything seemed so natural to him, even though everything was foreign. The farmer seemed to understand the look on his face. He was old, he seemed poor, but it seemed as if he was poor by choice, attempting to live a simple life. The man didn't look like he was a stranger to the area, in fact, he looked like he knew everything like the back of his hand. He merely grabbed Daisuke's hand and immediately Daisuke followed him, quietly and unresponsive. The man didn't attempt to talk, he just wanted to let Daisuke soak in the fact that he was in some place new. He merely led him into a rundown house near the shed. Inside the house it was almost as if the man was trying to live a simple life. Inside was a fireplace in the middle of the room with a grill atop it, there were two chairs near the fire, and there was a bookshelf against the wall with a bed next to it. Atop one of the chairs was a book placed upside down along the arm of the chair, it was open to a page somewhere near the end of the book. The man seemed to be well-educated as well, surprising for a man who lived his life so simply. He pointed for Daisuke to sit in the empty chair across from the fire as he took his place in his own seat, he grabbed the book and opened it to the page he was reading before he went outside. His voice was quiet yet fierce, yet his gaze never left the book.

"Welcome to my humble abode." The man chuckled a bit as he released his bit of sarcasm, he seemed humble and used to his surroundings. "You're the first visitor I've had in a long time, I guess you should know now that you're in another realm. You probably don't understand but, this is the spirit realm, somewhere in your past life, you died and came here. At your age it would seem like you died young and far before your time."

Daisuke could speak much, everything was overwhelming to him, yet he had so many questions. His first question was one he could never ask, which was why a man who lived his life so simple understood so much about him, yet he could probably answer it just as quickly himself as he realized the man lived a simple life and has much time to ponder questions such as this. He finally found the nerve to speak after about two minutes of pondering his own mind for questions.

"How did you know I was out there? Or how did you know where I was from, I have no idea what I'm doing now as it is."

The man smiled, he hadn't even given his name, yet if he were to give his name to any other person in the spirit world, it would be recognized immediately with awe and honor. He was man that was respected everywhere for his ability as a leader and as a fighter. He was the previous captain of the 11th division. He felt something special about this kid, and something inside of him woke up, the fire to lead and the wish to help someone in need.

"How about we first start off with names. My name is Senrai Kenpachi. The name Kenpachi is given only the most honorable man that loves to fight. Everyone who has ever been the Captain of the 11th division has been given the name Kenpachi. But that might be hard for you to understand, I suppose I should begin by telling you of the soul society. Its made up of a group of warriors called shinigami. We protect the living world from hollows, deadly spirits that wish to destroy the living for their own personal gain, they kill for hunger and they kill for power, their reasons are never good, but our job is to keep the hollow in check. We're the force behind good and evil, and we're the ones that keep everything in check. That is our job that we've had for countless centuries. The soul society is made up of 13 divisions called the Gotei 13 court. Each division is led by the 13 most powerful shinigami, and the 11th division has been called the most powerful. Our division was made for combat, and we're always the first on the job for any mission. Being captain of that division usually means you're the strongest warrior in all the spirit world. But even as a spirit we all age and grow weary of fighting, and as you can see, I've decided to live the simple life and hone my mind rather than my body. This is how I knew who you were, everyone has a spirit pressure, and yours is far stronger than most, and I see potential in you."

Daisuke was recieving information very quickly, he wanted the time to slow down, he wanted time to comprehend what was being said. One second he is lieing in a field with no idea what is happening, and now he is in the house of a man who claims to have been one of the strongest fighters to ever live. Daisuke now had a goal, he wanted to be like this man, a man who was wise beyond his years and willing to fight for honor, not for power. Daisuke wanted to become a shinigami, and he knew this man was probably his only chance of ever achieving the ability. He wasn't sure why, but he was almost compelled to listen to the man.

"My name is Remiji Daisuke, I don't know who I am or where I'm from. I don't know you or your name, but I wish for you to help me understand my purpose here in the spirit realm. I wish to become a shinigami and help protect the living."

Kenpachi smiled and placed his book back down on the arm of the chair, closing it completely this time. He was ready for more than reading now, he was going to make a man out of Daisuke. He stood up and walked over to the bookshelf. Atop it was a blade, mounted atop a holder, it was sheathed. Kenpachi was tall in stature as it was, he reached up and picked up the blade and handed it to Daisuke. Daisuke handled the blade with reverance as he held it in both hands. Kenpachi slowly unsheathed the blade, revealing the blue, lustered blade to Daisuke. Daisuke marveled at the craftsmenship and slowly he read the kanji on the side of the blade. Kenpachi read the kanji without even looking at the blade, the words etched into his mind.

"'Blood is merely a sacrifice for the honor of the holder of this sword, and only an honorable person my shed blood for justice.' This blade is now yours, it was my own blade when I fought my battles, and now I'm handing it down to you so that you may fight your battles. You seem honorable, and even though blood shed is not always necessary, your justice seems pure enough to understand my teachings. Now we must soon begin, because your training in the academy will begin soon after I am finished with you."

Life as a Shinigami: "Captain Daisuke, Captain Daisuke, Get up!!!"

Daisuke opened his eyes and saw one of his understudies pushing for his attention. Daisuke understood the call seemed urgent, he could remember what he was supposed to do today but he knew he didn't want to get up. He laid in his bed, his covers up over his head trying to avoid conversation with his servant, who happened to be named Hanuke Jin. Jin was small and very young looked almost like a child, which wasn't far from the truth, he was in fact a mere boy. He died a very young age at around the age of eight, yet he was very mature for his age. He was a happy spirit, his hair color was blue and his eyes were red. It was a very odd combination and it always reminded Daisuke of himself, it was the reason he took the child in and treated him as if he was his own son, or at least a brother.

"Daisuke, get up you have a conference with the gotei 13. Its about a disturbance among Hueco Mundo and the Spirit world, its important. You remember last time? You were almost late and they scolded you harshly."

Daisuke remembered the conference now and he remembered that he was scolded harshly by the Captain-Commander. He hated conferences, they were the worst, and he immediately covered himself further with the covers trying to hold the covers over his because he knew what the next move would be. Without surprise he felt the covers yanked from the bed as Daisuke went flying across the room into the wall causing him to hit his head and land with a thump on the ground. Daisuke looked up at Jin who sat on the edge of the bed now with a devilish grin. For his age, Jin was unsuspectingly strong, and he was strong enough to toss Daisuke from the bed to the wall with ease. Daisuke stood up, his eyes drooped and you could tell he was out partying last night and was awake with a hangover.

"Damn you Jin, you have to do that everytime, and its so annoying! I should spank you, you do know that right?"

Jin merely smiled and watched as Daisuke picked up the covers and threw them over Jin and tucked the boy between the bed and the covers and started tickling the large mass underneath the bedsheets. Immediately the mass began to move and twitch trying to get away from Daisuke's fingers, and laughter was easily heard. Daisuke watched as his door came open and two shinigami were waiting there, they were supposed to be his wake up call. Immediately he saw the awkwardness of a man tickling a little boy in his bed, especially considering his wake up call was specifically chosen as two beautiful women. Immediately Daisuke smiled and blushed, he was standing in his room in his underwear, and he watched as the two ladies blushed and began to whisper to eachother. Daisuke immediately used the opportunity to sneak out of the room into his bathroom where he changed into his captain's shihakusho. From there he jumped out the bathroom window and out onto the roof of the 11th division quarters. He jumped from roof to roof taking his time getting to the meeting. He stopped on the ledge next to the window of the meeting room, peeking in before jumping in. He noticed the 12 people in the room and noticed the meeting had already began, he noticed he was late once again, and the glares on the faces of the 12 other captains gave away his guilt. All he could do was smile and wait for the meeting to begin and his life as a captain to continue, or so he hoped.

RP Sample: This is just the opening post to my old RP: Meeting of Lions

The year is 216 of the Third Age of men. The world is Terrorized by an evil man, Terabithea

Since the Second age, the precise date is lost, Angar's evil reign began. During the years, people
roared for a change. Several uproars occurred, but were easily turned away.

Somewhere at the end of the Second Age, Two brave warriors stood up against Terabithea
Angar. These two inspired the whole nation, causing one of the largest uproars ever. These two
people were able to evolve, and develop themselves into legendary warriors. The legendary
Paladin, Lorus, and his companion, the Dark Knight, Garin.

They managed to break into Angar's fortress, in vain. Despite the fact that they managed to
wound Angar severely, they were killed. It is said that their souls were brought into a deep sleep,
waiting in the legendary swords they wielded. Angar, fearing the power of the swords, had them
removed from his castle, hidden in the same location, yet protected by the strongest of magic,
magic that could only be broken by the "Lions."

After their death, those who once defied the ruler, succumbed back to their routine, grasping that
faint whisper of hope which these two gave, leaving the world in peril again.

Now, in Third Age of Men, Terabithea Angar rules much of the world, leading many of the
mythical creatures, including most of the dragon-kin race. All hope seems lost for the rebellion,
those creatures that are willing to follow them are doubtful and frightened. But during the New
Age, it seems time for a rebellion.
__________________________________________________ ___

Barot grabbed another book off the shelf, it was dusty and the title was worn, almost unreadable. He began to mumble under his breath as he tried to decipher the title, blowing away some of the dust on the cover, grumbling even more as some of the dust got on his face and armor. Finally the title was barely there, the silver lining of the words just visible, and the brown leather binding falling apart.

“Noble Families of the Second Age of Man.”

Barot was beginning to talk out loud as his eyes gleamed, looking for knowledge as he opened the cover, looking at the worn out words on the pages, the penmanship wasn’t the greatest making the words even harder to read. He began searching through the book, looking for a family crest that may match his own. He felt a cold draft as he looked around, muttering about how the castle was so horribly built. As he reached the last page, he sighed, he peaked his eye through the vacant hole that the book had filled up before, he began to look around trying to see if anyone was around as he lightly whistled, outside he could hear a flutter of very large wings and a couple of gasps from the bystanders below. Barot smiled as he placed the book back in the hole on the shelf, looking over at a window that was now the center of attention in the library. Barot began to dart towards the window, diving though it onto a large golden body beneath him.

“Do you always have to be so brash?”

Barot smiled as he looked at the golden eyes of the dragon, looking back along his long body. Barot rubbed his hands along the golden scales on the back of the dragon, still always amazed by the power and motion he felt as the beast flapped its wings. Barot’s loud and cheerful voice carried even down to the courtyards below.

“Well, explain to me why the idiot architects decided to build a library in the tower of a castle?”

“So they could keep idiots like you away.”

Barot laughed as he kicked the side of the dragon signaling for it to fly. The air outside was cold, as the dragon flew, Barot could feel the cold bite of the wind seeking through his armor and causing his hair to stand up. Barot began fidgeting with his armor, trying to tighten it to no avail. He could understand the difficulty of working atop a large flying dragon as he began to sigh.

“Hey Kif, any news on the family crest yet?”


Barot began to fidget with his sword even more as he began to wonder about who he was. He looked over the side of Kif’br, down at the courtyard where he could see all the bustling people of the Paladin fortress. His eyes drifted to and over the walls guarding the large bustling metropolis. Again, his mind began to wander, wondering what news there was of the Black Knights and Terabithea Angar. He was more curious about the most recent plans for the Rebellion, when he heard of them, he thought they were too farfetched to believe, but the idea of finding the “Swords of Legend” seem to be fiction. Barot unsheathed his sword, running the thumb of his right hand along the blade. Kif’br realizing that the sword was unsheathed looked back, his body fidgeting a bit.

“Do you have to have that thing out while you’re on my back?”

“What’s the problem? You and me have already began to work with spears and lances, I’m most skilled with swords, be prepared to learn to handle those as well.”

Kif’br realized that his learning to ride with a sword user was more than just about his master being most skilled with them, he had overheard the rumors as well flying around about the “Swords of Legend.” Kif’br looked down his eyes spotting a clearing in the woods where they used to always train, the dragon landing softly on a patch of clear dirt, allowing Barot to slip off and face the dragon.

“You going to stay and train?”

Kif’br shook his head began to flap his wings as Barot mumbled something about laziness, already beginning to hack his sword into a large tree, causing deep indents, where the sap oozed out slowly, where he knew it would crystalize the next day. His power with the sword was far weaker than most, and he knew it, he’d pull the sword out each time and swing again, all in hopes of strengthening his blows. After awhile, he felt his arms beginning to get sore as he sat back against the tree which now had a large gash going about half-way though the tree. Barot found it surprising that the tree was still standing and able to support his weight as he sat against it, nodding off a bit into his sleep.

Name: Bakudantama (Exploding FireBall)

Type: Hadou

Number: 52

Element: Fire

Incantation: Develop in flames, the birds remain as phoenix fire ungulfs the body, destruction leads to justice and sacrifice leads to death. Hadou number 52: Bakudantama

Description: A ball of fire develops in the hand of the user, as the user approaches the opponent he extends his hand and the ball explodes into the opponent cause massive burn damage and also self-inflicts burn damage to the user. Usually the damage offsets fairly equally causing enough damage to immobilize the opponent for capture.

Name: Oritori (The Caged Bird)

Type: Bakudo

Number: 82

Element: Light

Incantation: Freedom removed, wings clipped, never to be release, the caged bird never to fly again. Bakudo number 82: Oritori

Description: Light forms around the opponent in the shape of bars as a bird lifts the cage away from the battlefield to take it to the place of the users choice. Used to capture opponents and transfer them straight to the seireitei's prison for either interogation or execution. Only used for high-class criminals
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Remiji Daisuke
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