Bleach: Shinigami Life

A text-based RPG. Take on the life of a Shinigami and show your true strengths. Or become a Vizard, and take power to destroy your enemies.
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 somthing to note and not to do

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Mai Kuchiki

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PostSubject: somthing to note and not to do   Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:10 pm

If you die, you die. you must start again but i might have something to help you when you do.
you cant change race.

Soul ->(dies)-> Human ->(dies)-> Soul

-------- Shinigami
-------- Hollow

Hollow ->(dies)-> soul :->: Human
Shinigami ->(dies)-> Human

Evil human ->(dies)-> hollow -> Soul(in hell)

You can only fight 20 times per 24 hours from your last fight No matter what that now includes Killing sprees that kill more than 20
ok respect each other and staff, dont post anythng crude and unsuitable or you will be warned then banned

if your offence is bad enough you wont get a warning

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somthing to note and not to do
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